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Metro Digital Group is a technology company dedicated to the design, implementation and service of rich media production pipelines for entertainment and broadcast.

Metro has the knowledge and experience you need to develop comprehensive and dependable workflow solutions.

From offline to online, standard definition to 4K, 2D to 3D, Metro can help you navigate the many solutions available today and tailor solutions that fit your needs. Our offerings include state of the art Storage Systems, Servers, Workstations, Render Farms, Networking and a variety of Specialized Applications.

Our Mission

At Metro, our mission is to provide an unparalleled customer experience.We strive to bring you the best knowledge and support in an ever-changing technical and artistic landscape. Whether you're building a new facility or need a simple repair, Metro is there to help you with experience and integrity. Your business success is our priority and we look forward to working with you!

Our Team

John Pankratz

John Pankratz President

John is here for the fun of it! “Problem solving is something I've always enjoyed, and fortunately our industry provides plenty of challenges” In his 24 years at the helm of Metro, John has seen the entire digital video revolution from its humble beginnings. “My mind was blown the first time I saw video playing on a computer screen, and now we see it everywhere”. When not cracking the whip, John enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, surfing and anything else having to do with water.

Gagik Tamasyan

Gagik Tamasyan Senior Engineer

We wish we could record everything that's in Gagik's head. Seriously. With 15 years of experience solving technical problems at Metro, Gagik has seen it all. “We can fix it bro...” Gagik knows exactly what to say and when, and has the confidence and wisdom to execute a proper plan of attack. When Gagik's not getting sleep because of work and his one year old, he enjoys craft beers and fast cars.

Eric Urpa

Eric Urpa Rental Manager

Eric is tall, like Lurch tall, but don't let his imposing figure and deep voice scare you. He's a pussy cat and is always pleasant and on it! “I like turtles....” 'nuf said. Need service or rental gear? Eric is your man! In his spare time, Eric enjoys everything outdoors, especially camping. If the zombie apocalypse does happen, Eric is the guy you want around.

Eric Urpa

Doug Randell AV/Wire Engineer

I'm going fishing.” Um, no you're not. We have a facility to build. Doug is our resident expert in wire design and integration. As much as we would love to live in a wireless world, there is just not enough spectrum to move what we need to move, so wire will continue to be our way of life. Doug has a unique skill set which allows him to seamlessly bridge the AV and IT worlds. Whether you need legacy video cabling or an extensive fibre implementation, Doug is the dude! In addition to the aforementioned hobby, Doug also likes to strum his guitar.

Sally Shulkin

Steven Williams Technician

Steven is our newest rising star. Always on it and ethusiastic about the tech world. 
Have any questions? Steven is there to help!

Duke CEO

We know who wears the pants, er, doggy diapers, around here. Don't let that cute little face fool you. Duke is a force at every Metro meeting and often states, “There are threes ways to do this, my way, my way and my way!” Such a bossy boy! When not power napping, Duke enjoys chasing ninja assassins and searching for hidden beef treats.