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The most important word in content creation today. Metro Video Systems has the knowledge and experience you need to develop comprehensive and dependable workflow solutions. From offline to online, standard definition to hi definition, 2D to 3D, Metro can help you navigate the many solutions available today and tailor solutions that fit your needs. 



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Autodesk Releases Flame Family 2015 Extension 3!

Autodesk has just announced the release of the next extension of Flame Family of Creative Finishing tools. Extension 3 features floating licenses for Flare and Flame Assist, and new workstation certification.


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  • Adobe update 100614



    On October 6th, Adobe hasannounced their latest update to Creative Cloud.  Just 4 months after their latest release, Adobe has added new mobile apps that create a completely open workflow between your mobile and desktop applictions; capture brushes, shapes, and colors; work on drawings, photos, and even edit videos on mobile devices. Adobe has also updated Behance with talen search features, and upgraded new features on their desktop apps, including a completely functional version of Illustrator for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.


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