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Rental Software Solutions, SAS Solutions, Cloud Solutions in Burbank

The technology world has been revolutionized by the movement from software purchasing to SAS (Software as a Service) and subscription models which allow for the temporary usage of applications. Adobe Creative Cloud would be one of them, for example, but there are a lot of other options.

Besides the idea of sharing, which is one of the keystones of the internet medium in general, SAS or Cloud Solutions help to unlock the potential of creativity and also to get more financial outcome out of that potential. Companies no longer need to commit to huge capital outlays for software and gear that may sit dormant during normal business cycles.

Rental Solutions From Metro Digital Group In Burbank

Now you can rent solutions when you need them. At Metro in Burbank, we have over $2,000,000 of fresh production and post production hardware and software ready to rent. New for 2015, Metro has added two brand new Dolby certified audio mix bays at its Burbank Location!

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