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Sales / Storage Solutions / Workgroup CollaborationTiger Technology Collaboration Solutions

Metro Digital Group provides a broad range of software solutions to

bring your productivity to the next level.

Featuring Tiger Technology as our preferred partner for distributed collaboration software, we assist in creating enterprise level data sharing solutions and pipelines.

Tiger Technology

Tiger Technology designs and supports world-class, innovative storage workflow solutions for rich media and enterprise applications. With advanced, proprietary technology, Tiger shared storage systems maximize capability, performance and value.

Tiger's file-sharing and Project Management software for Avid and Adobe represents one of the best price performance ratios in the industry.

Great technology, superior support and product dedication make Tiger Technology a winner!

Utilize Tiger software layers in combination with our rock-solid NAS and SAN hardware to create a high efficiency workflow or augment your existing infrastructure.

Tiger Bridge, Spaces and Store: What's New?


Tiger Spaces 4.5 and Tiger Store 2.9.2 now offer support for macOS Catalina users.

With Tiger Spaces 4.5 you can also:

  • Start a workspace
  • Search the workspaces depot as you type
  • Enable/disable automounting of workspaces

Tiger Spaces -A Project Workspace Manager that simplifies user access to creative projects.  Create, share and manage virtual workspaces and assign them to creative staff, each with unique permissions. Easily manage underlying storage volume usage and enable Avid-bin-locking capability

Tiger Store - A High-Speed File System Sharing engine that turns Wintel servers into powerful and easy to administer web-managed shared storage.  Available as software-only or stand-alone appliances, Tiger Store transforms storage volumes into high-performance, high-availability, cross-platform NAS and file-level sharing systems for Mac, Linux & Windows clients.

Tiger Bridge - A Cloud Storage System that requires no downtime to deploy, no complex gateway server, and no backup appliances. This tool protects your existing Windows servers while extending their capabilities on a pay-as-you-go scale. 


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