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Production Truck To Rent – In Burbank, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Las Vegas

Truck rentals to the entertainment industry became a classic studio transportation service for production companies. What makes the difference, is the exceptional customer service and the professional equipment inside the truck.

A fully equipped studio vehicle to rent with state of the art technology will save your production company the money and time which, especially in the entertainment industry, is equivalent to money!

The Metro Multi-Purpose Production Truck Is The Centerpiece Of Our Production Rental Lineup for Burbank, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas

It has the latest in HD broadcast technology and can be equipped for a variety of jobs:

  • Up to 8 Camera Live Productions
  • Live Sports
  • Mobile Web Streaming/ Production
  • Video Village
  • Mobile Edit/ Compositing/ Finishing Bays
  • Color Correction Bay

Would you like to know more about our production truck to rent?
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are offering the studio transportation services in Burbank, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and other locations upon request.