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VulcanStor – Try Out Our DAS/NAS/SAN Storage Solutions For Your Data

VulcanStor is Metro's in-house line of DAS/NAS/SAN storage solutions. Manufactured by one of the top Tier 1 Storage manufacturers in the world, our handcrafted solutions provide superior density, speed and scalability at unbelievable pricing.

All of our VulcanStor solutions come with 3 years of hardware support and cross-ship replacement at no additional charge. Additional available services include optional 24 hour support and on-site service.

Choose between:


VStor is Vulcan’s high-performance direct attached storage subsystem which can be attached to any host. Whether you need a 4K subsystem for editorial or you have an existing host which just needs additional storage, the Vulcan V-Stor is your perfect high performance / high density solution.


VServe is Vulcan’s super density NAS solution solving the needs of facilities requiring a high density, performance-driven data storage server. NAS software includes Redhat, CentOS or Windows Server depending on the client's requirement and previous infrastructure.


VSync is the insurance policy every facility needs. V-Sync provides an automated solution for backing up all of a facilities data. In addition to providing a safe and secure repository of your company’s data, V-Sync’s high performance guarantees the data throughput needed for business continuity in the event of a primary server failure.


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